It’s Good To Live In A Two-Newspaper Town (Dukakis/Romney Slapfight Edition)

Tuesday’s dead-tree Boston Herald ran a State House News Service story headlined, “The Duke dumps on Romney.”


Dukakis: ‘Lousy’ gov is ‘the biggest’ letdown

The ex-gubernatorial slapfight kicked off with the Duke putting up his dukes, to wit:

A fiery former Gov. Michael Dukakis dropped his gloves on Mitt Romney yesterday, calling the presumptive 2012 Republican presidential candidate a disappointment as governor and a political shape-shifter.

“Mitt Romney’s the biggest disappointment I think I’ve ever seen,” Dukakis said. “He was a lousy governor. After a year and a half, he just walked away from the job. He just bounces around depending on the way the wind blows.”

Then Romney put up his mitts (by proxy):

A Romney spokesman wasted little time in firing back.

“Mike Dukakis sounds like a very angry and bitter old man,” the spokesman said. “I think it’s sad.”

Sadder still, Tuesday’s Boston Globe missed the whole thing.

Since then, however, the Boston Globe has . . . nothing.

Howie Carr, though, is happy to pile on in Wednesday’s Herald.

Boffo [UPDATE: Tried for sarcasm there, obviously missed. See comment.] opening:

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black – M. Stanley Dukakis is accusing Mitt Romney of being “a lousy governor.”

Takes one to know one, Pee Wee.

“After a year and a half,” the Duke told the State House News Service, “he just walked away from the job.”

Excuse me, is this the same guy who during the 1988 election once told reporters, “If I were a sitting governor . . .”

Uh, you were, Duke. You just forgot, you’d been out of state for so long, running for president in your tank. I mean, when you talk about terrible governors in Massachusetts, they fall into two classes. Acting governors – Jane Swift wins hands down, and elected governors – paging the Duke.

Yes and, paging the Boston Globe: Got anything here?

(Full disclosure: I’ll be interviewing former Gov. Dukakis at an Algonquin Club event on the evening of September 22. And yes, I will ask him about this.)

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2 Responses to It’s Good To Live In A Two-Newspaper Town (Dukakis/Romney Slapfight Edition)

  1. Steve Stein says:

    Good for the Herald and shame on the Globe for their coverage and lack thereof. That said, do you really think that Howie added something substantive to this debate?

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