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One America, Two Different Worlds (Jonathan Chait Edition)

First in what promises to be a long-running series It’s news to no one that liberals and conservatives in this great land of ours live in parallel universes. But with the ascension of Hair Apparent Donald J. Trump to the nation’s highest … Continue reading

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JournoList & The NBA

After a weeklong slapfight between The Daily Caller and The New Republic, the so-inside-it-should-be-paying-condo-fees JournoList rumpus has officially gone mainstream now that the inexorable Fred Barnes has broached it in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Headline: The Vast Left-Wing Media … Continue reading

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Fear And Self-Loathing At The New Republic

Jonathan Chiat, a senior editor at The New Republic, has written a journo-dyspeptic piece headlined, “The Case Against Awards: Why the wrong person always wins.” One of Chiat’s awards-bashing examples hits close to home: In my field, we have something called the … Continue reading

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