JournoList & The NBA

After a weeklong slapfight between The Daily Caller and The New Republic, the so-inside-it-should-be-paying-condo-fees JournoList rumpus has officially gone mainstream now that the inexorable Fred Barnes has broached it in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.


The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

Nut graf:

Not to say there’s a media conspiracy, but at least to note that hundreds of journalists have gotten together, on an online listserv called JournoList, to promote liberalism and liberal politicians at the expense of traditional journalism.

Not to say there’s a lack of consistency, but at least to note that Fred Barnes is trying to have it both ways.

Regardless, the – finally! – NBA connection implicit in the Barnes piece:

As best I can tell, those involved in JournoList considered themselves part of a team. And their goal was to make sure the team won.

So the liberal-media-industrial complex is LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh.

And conservatives, according to Barnes?

My experience with other conservative journalists is that they are loners. One of the most famous conservative columnists of the past half-century, the late Robert Novak, is a good example. I knew him well for 35 years. He didn’t tell me what stories he was working on nor ask what I was planning to write. He never mentioned how we might promote Republicans or aid the conservative cause, nor did I.

That would make conservatives Michael Jordan-Magic Johnson-Larry Bird.

You heard it here first.

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1 Response to JournoList & The NBA

  1. Barnes & co. don’t need an online listserv to vent their political beliefs. They have Fox “News,” which pays them for the privilege.

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