NYT’s Marie KONDO-19 Puff Piece Should’ve Been 86ed

Let’s stipulate that the New York Times has done a terrific job of covering the coronavirus crisis in its news and opinion pages.

But did we really need this Like a Boss feature about kiss-it-goodbye queen Marie Kondo in yesterday’s Business section?

How Marie Kondo Declutters During a Pandemic

With promotional events for her new book canceled, the organizational expert finds solace in cooking, shredding documents and — of course — tidying her Los Angeles home.

The tidying guru Marie Kondo built her global lifestyle brand by developing a system for how to impose order over relentless chaos. “My dream is to organize the world,” Ms. Kondo has said . . .

Now, like every mogul in every industry, Ms. Kondo is trying to figure out how to run her business during a profoundly chaotic and unsettling moment.

And, of course, how to get publicity for her book, which the Times provides in spades, chronicling Kondo’s daily routine in gruesome detail and touting her e-commerce store “where converted neat freaks who have emptied their cluttered homes can fill them up again with robes, slippers, candles and other items curated by Ms. Kondo.”

Seriously, Timesniks? You’ve got nothing better to cover than this journalistic clutter? Maybe try to curate your pages a little more tidily, yeah?

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4 Responses to NYT’s Marie KONDO-19 Puff Piece Should’ve Been 86ed

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  2. coreilly@fuse.net says:

    Is your sock drawer in proper order?

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