Donald Trump Flacks Howie Carr Book Flacking Donald Trump

Our kissin’ cousins at Two-Daily Town have amply chronicled Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr’s relentless pilot fishy suck-up to the Onanist-in-Chief.

Now the Accidental President has returned the favor.

Late last night @realDonaldTrump tweeted this.

In reality nobody’s talking about it, but why nitpick.

Coincidentally (or not), Howie Cartoon typed up this piece in yesterday’s Herald.

Definitely not coincidentally, this quarter-page ad also ran in yesterday’s selly local tabloid.

“Pre-Order” likely means the book isn’t written yet. Regardless, whenever it does get published it will assuredly be yet more agitprop from the Trumpian-Cartoonish Complex.

Later last night, Carr apparently had not seen his presidential kudos.

But he’s seen it now.

The Daily Mail piece is that rag’s usual over-caffeinated mishmash of fact and fiction. Totally appropriate in light of the Trump-Carr-Daniels Axis of Ego, yeah?

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