New York Times Editing Slashback: ‘What Driver’s Want’ Edition

Latest in what we expect will be a long-running series

As the hardworking staff noted earlier this week, the New York Times is jettisoning its “low-value line editing” and replacing it with “bespoke editing.”

Or, more likely, “be-broke editing.”

Exhibit B, from yesterday’s Business section.

Trouble Turning a Corner


TOKYO — Yoshihiro Masui’s growling Ford hot-rod, its sides adorned with the Stars and Stripes, attests to his love of American cars — an unusual passion in Japan, where Toyota, Honda and other domestic brands rule the roads.

“Japanese cars don’t break down, but they’re boring,” said Mr. Masui, 67, a semiretired music producer. Besides the hot-rod — a replica Model T with a racecar’s engine — he owns a gleaming white Ford Thunderbird, the latest of nearly 70 Detroit-made vehicles he figures he has bought and sold over the years.

“You definitely stand out,” he said.

Detroit pines for a day when the sight of an American car on a Japanese street is not so notable.

That’s all well and good, but check out the pull quote from the piece.




What driver’s want?


What Times readers want is “be-woke editing” – some sense that a sentient being is patrolling the content the Times cranks out every day.

Isn’t that what Times home delivery subscribers, for instance, pay over $1000 a year to receive?

Considering that print circulation revenue represents roughly 50% of the Grey Lady’s annual take, that’s the least she could deliver, yeah?

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