Bostonians Have Seen Twice the Political Ads Anyone Else Has

For the past umpteen months, it’s felt like the Boston television airwaves have featured nothing but TV spots variously promoting/pummeling Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and Maggie Hassen and Kelly Ayotte.

Now comes statistical confirmation, via MediaPost’s Marketing: Politics Daily.




So, as of October 17th, Bostonians had been subjected to almost twice as many polispots as anyone in America.

Call us small-minded, but that doesn’t seem right for denizens of a state that a) is a lead-pipe cinch to go for Hillary Clinton, and b) doesn’t get to vote for either Hassen or Ayotte.

But why get technical about it.

(Here’s an idea: Maybe we need to build a tremendous – no, a fabulous – New Hampshire Video Wall and make WMUR pay for it.)


Just make this election cycle go away, yeah?

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