Another $cheme From Six Flags Over New York Times

The hardworking staff recently noted the various financial sidelines the New York Times has launched lately to boost sagging revenues.

There’s the Times Journeys travel agency and the Times Store retail outlet, both of which have profited from full-page ads in the paper.

And then there’s New York Times Conferences, which “bring together national and global leaders to deepen understanding of vital topics, advance innovative solutions to major challenges and provide new opportunities for businesses.”

Accent on new opportunities for businesses – especially for the Times.

Case in point: Election Night Live (tip o’ the pixel to NiemanLab), offering the Times of your life watching this year’s election returns.



It’s been a 4-year marathon.
We invite you to join us at the finish line.

On November 8th, history will be written. You’re invited to join the editors and journalists of The New York Times as the world begins to change.

Spend an exciting evening in the company of our top political minds at The Times Center as they deliver expert analysis and global perspectives on the outcome of this year’s presidential race — while returns are coming in.

Here’s what you get for your $250:

Featuring Executive Editor Dean Baquet, Political Editor Carolyn Ryan, Senior Editor Charles Duhigg and a host of other Times journalists and special guests, this lively forum will feature candid, real-time commentary on election night activity around the country, the impact of this unprecedented campaign on both parties and the world, the legacy of the Obama administration, major issues facing the next president and much more.

Not to get over-fastidious about it, but it’s one thing to sell Times paraphernalia.


Or to peddle feel-good field trips.


But it’s quite another thing to lease out your editorial staff, as Washington Post publisher Katherine Weymouth learned in 2009 when she had to “[cancel] plans for a series of policy dinners at her home after learning that marketing fliers offered corporate underwriters access to Post journalists, Obama administration officials and members of Congress in exchange for payments as high as $250,000.”

Times executives aren’t there yet, and maybe never will be.

But that sure feels like the road they’re on.

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3 Responses to Another $cheme From Six Flags Over New York Times

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Not to pick the wings off your butterflies, John, but doesn’t the posting image of their click-bait icons further their extension of the Times brand?

    Of course, I won’t mention that your whole piece ends up being an advertisement for them.

    Was that your intent?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      C’mon, Mudge – that’s the cheapest criticism of any media critic: by analyzing something, he promotes it. It totally ignores what he actually says about the topic at hand.

      Was that your intent?

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