Civilians Who Run Full-Page Ads in the New York Times (WellsFargoGreed Edition)

The latest in our long-running series featuring people with all those dollars and no sense

Apparently it wasn’t enough that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Woodshed) blowtorched Wells Fargo (in the person of CEO John Stumpf) for its fiscal unfitness last month.

Now comes this full-page ad from Texas entrepreneur Lacy Harber in Thursday’s New York Times (as well as the Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, and Charlotte Observer at a total cost of more $250,000, according to Harber’s attorney).


Close-up for the body-copy impaired:


So Harber’s got a beef with Wells Fargo, which you can read in gory detail in this Dallas Morning News piece.

Drives-him-nuts graf:

Harber is angry about dealings with the Wells Fargo subsidiary that he says caused him to lose nearly $6 million.


The hardsaving staff takes no position on this dustup (except to say we’re glad our money’s not riding on Wells Fargo).

But if you splendid readers want to weigh in, by all means contact Lacy Harber at

And give him our condolences.

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