Aramark’s the Spot: Humane League Targets BU Dining Service

So we received this email yesterday from an outfit called Agony at Aramark.

(Full disclosure: The hardworking staff has moonlighted at Boston University for a number of years.)

Dear Boston University,

I represent The Humane League, a leading international animal protection NGO. I am writing to inform you that your foodservice provider, Aramark, has failed to adopt a single meaningful animal welfare measure to protect the millions of screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-12-38-17-amchickens it purchases each year. Unlike its competitors Sodexo and Compass Group, Aramark’s leadership has continually ignored our requests to open a dialogue. Aramark now stands out as a foodservice company falling behind on basic animal welfare issues.

The Humane League means business, according to this Huffington Post piece.

There’s A Major New Effort To Help The Billions Of Chickens We Eat Every Year

The animal welfare movement is pivoting to its biggest challenge yet.


The Humane League, a prominent animal welfare group, launched a landmark campaign this week to improve the lives (and deaths) of broiler chickens, the land animal that is consumed more than any other in the United States.

The campaign targets Aramark, a behemoth of the U.S. food services industry that runs dining operations at thousands of large institutions and last year reported over $14 billion in sales.

And etc.

Locally, the group promises an all-out BU blitz in its email:

We’re writing to make you aware of this because your affiliation with such a socially irresponsible company may harm your university’s reputation. We will be working with students and groups on your campus to distribute literature, gather petition signatures, display flyers and information, and organize demonstrations. We will also be running Facebook advertisements targeting both current students and alumni. The ads ask viewers to end their support for the university and cease all donations until this issue is addressed and will direct viewers to this website and video.

(To be fair graf goes here)

To be fair, the HuffPost piece also includes this: “In a statement, Aramark said it was ‘committed to animal welfare and sustainable sourcing practices’ but announced no policy changes. ‘It is unfortunate that an activist organization has launched an attack campaign when we are engaged in productive dialogue with likeminded NGOs, academia and suppliers to actually resolve the problem,’ the company said.”

Unfortunate, indeed.

Meanwhile, the hardeating staff will unfortunately consider dining elsewhere.

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2 Responses to Aramark’s the Spot: Humane League Targets BU Dining Service

  1. I can’t speak for BU since I do not work there, but I do work for another Aramark location, and we only purchase free range chicken.

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