Civilians Who Run Quarter-Page Ads in the New York Times (Wells Fargo Greed Edition II)

The latest in our long-running series about people with all those dollars and no sense

As you splendid readers undoubtedly do not remember, last month the hardworking staff noted this full-page ad in the New York Times.




The ad from Texas entrepreneur Lacy Harber also ran in the Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, and Charlotte Observer at a total cost of more than $250,000, according to Harber’s attorney.

Close-up for the copy impaired:


This Dallas Morning News piece has all the gory details, the goriest of which is that Harber  says Wells Fargo lost him $6 million.


Now comes this ad in Tuesday’s Times, with strikingly similar language about Wells Fargo.




Close-up for the copy impaired:


The hardGoogling staff has found nothing about Mr. Silverman or his background, so we called the 800 number he helpfully provided to see if we might learn some of his particulars.

He has yet to return our call.

What we’re most eager to know is whether Mr. Silverman is acquainted with Mr. Harber.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

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4 Responses to Civilians Who Run Quarter-Page Ads in the New York Times (Wells Fargo Greed Edition II)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    How does a bank change a mortgage contract without the informed consent and signature of the borrower.

    Mr. Silverman’s accusation doesn’t make any sense either contractually or legally.

  2. superess says:

    And then there is Boston’s own
    General Electric championed by Charlie Baker, promoted by WBUR, and more.
    GE-with proud history as pollution king, with CEO’s famous for making millions and paying
    no taxes and on and on ad, sic, nauseam

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