AP Says Yes, Economist Says No to Stealth Marketing

Two major news organizations have come to a split decision about whether to run ads in sheep’s clothing.

From Brendan James’s piece in the International Business Times:

Associated Press Rolls Out Native Advertising Network

The Associated Press might look like one of the few news outlets today exempt from the tyranny of the “impression” that’s slowly eating away at media. Unlike most outlets, the AP makes most of its money not off ad revenue but via subscription services to Screen-Shot-2016-06-08-at-10.31.34-PM3-300x178its news wires.

But the AP is only as healthy as its members, and those members are still very much tied to the click economy and its diminishing returns. With that in mind, the famous global news network is getting into the ad game in a big, and somewhat particular, way: It’s opening up its digital advertising shop for its subscribers, offering an inventory of sponsored content alongside its inventory of news stories.

The Economist, on the other hand, has arrived at exactly the opposite conclusion . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.


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