Quote o’ the Day (Fact-Free Donald Trump Edition)

From our Department of Redundancy department

This week’s cover story in New York magazine, Gabriel Sherman’s Operation Trump, contains this priceless, factually challenged quote from the GOP’s Hair Apparent (tip o’ the pixel to Politico’s New York Playbook):

Trump is cheap, and proud of it. … [Corey] Lewandowski’s bonus for winning New Hampshire was a paltry $50,000. … ‘I don’t spend much money,’ [Trump] told me. ‘In New Hampshire, I spent $2 million’ — actually $3.7 million — ‘Bush spent $48 million’ — actually $36.1 million — ‘I came in first in a landslide, he came in sixth’ — actually fourth. ‘Who do you want as your president?’

We dunno – maybe someone who can get at least one fact straight in a single sentence?

Or is that asking too much these days?


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