‘South Park’ Invades Donald Trump’s South Parts

From our To Know Trump desk

Full disclosure: The dustupping staff is not a regular viewer of Comedy Central’s South Park, but we’ve always admired the show’s ability to not give a damn what anyone thinks about it.

And never more so than in the latest South Park episode, described thusly by Marlow Stern in The Daily Beast.

(Official Dustup 2016 Trigger Warning [pat. pending] goes here)

‘South Park’ Depicts the Brutal Rape of Donald Trump

The animated TV series waited until its 19th season to take on Donald Trump. It didn’t disappoint.


South Park takes no prisoners.

This is, after all, the show that once labeled Kanye West “gay fish,” took on the Muslim prophet Muhammad (a big no-no in terrorist circles), and revealed U2’s Bono to be the record holder for world’s biggest poop (the turd turned out to be Bono himself—a man had taken a dump in 1960 and raised the piece of shit as Bono) . . .

But, with the the exception of an all-too-brief Season 5 cameo, the show’s steered clear of eviscerating Donald Trump. So naturally, fans of the gleefully anarchic TV series were curious as to when the blowhardiest of the blowhards would receive his animated comeuppance. Well, it finally came in the Season 19 episode, “Where My Country Gone?” and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Money quote . . .

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