Dead Blogging ‘Broken Glass’ at New Rep Theatre

Well the Missus and I trundled out to Watertown last night to catch Broken Glass (through September 27) at the New Repertory Theatre and say, it was . . . heavy.

Then again, Arthur Miller can get that way.

The New Rep production, directed by Jim Petosa, does a fine job reviving this slightly shopworn drama.


It is November 11, 1938, the day after Kristallnacht, when Sylvia Gellburg loses the ability to walk. Her husband Phillip desperately seeks to find the cause. After consulting Dr. Harry Hyman, it’s determined that her paralysis may have been psychosomatically induced. Hyman’s obsession with curing Sylvia uncovers a complex tangle of egos, resentment, and guilt, as well as Phillip’s own paralyzing struggle with his Jewish identity.

The cast is uniformly deft, especially Benjamin Evett as Dr. Hyman, Anne Gottlieb as Sylvia, and Jeremiah Kissel as Phillip (although he does do a bit of scenery chewing in Act Two).

At intermission, the Missus and I were remembering the first time we saw Jerry Kissel perform – 1986 in And a Nightingale Sang at Lyric Stage’s tiny Charles Street theater, a sweet – yes – lyrical production that was just heartbreaking.

Broken Glass is none of those. But still worth seeing.

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