Doug Flutie Saying Hail Marys Vs. Trump For Prez

Football hero Doug Flutie says he doesn’t want former United States Football League boss Donald Trump quarterbacking Team America.

The maestro of the last-minute miracle would prefer that Trump lose the game he’s currently playing.

Via the tireless Andrew Kaczynski at BuzzFeed:


“I like his viewpoint on a lot of issues,” declared Flutie on the Talk of Fame radio program. “I really do.”

“I think he’d be scary as a president,” continued Flutie. “When it comes to political office, you want someone that is able to be a little diplomatic. I think in certain areas he’d do extremely well. In other areas, he’d scare the living daylights out of all of us.”

Extra point: “The USFL notoriously went bust in 1985. ESPN has written, ‘it was Trump’s strategy for the league that is widely considered to have led to its demise.'”

‘Nuf ced.

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