Ford Mustang Drives NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’

Editor’s note: This post really should have run on our kissing’ cousin, Sneak Adtack, but the hardtracking site seems to be experiencing technical difficulties. So . . . 

Gird your loins, splendid readers: We’ve apparently been cast as extras in a new production of 50 Shades of Pay. Here’s yet the latest brand domination of TV content, via MediaPost (whose headline gets it exactly backward):

NBCUniversal’s ‘The Blacklist’ Drives Mustang GT In Custom Campaign

fordart-188_v1C2SzAIn movie and TV history, the Ford Mustang has been the getaway car, whether from the bad guy, the Man, or less tangible enemies and shackles. Now Mustang GT is the vehicle of independence for Tom Keen, the ex-spy in NBC Universal’s hit show “The Blacklist.” In a partnership launching April 30, Ford not only has product integration in the show, but a raft of custom Mustang spots produced by the network with Team Detroit, Ford’s agency. The effort features a 60-second spot and shorter versions that star Ryan Eggold speaking in character — as Keen — about the virtues of self determination, cut with chase scenes as he drives the Mustang GT away from nefarious pursuers.

The ads (which you can see during this Thursday’s season finale):





You can also jump in the NBC sellout pool at #UnleashTomKeen on Twitter.

We’re tempted to say that the real twits are all the consumers who simply consider this business as usual. But we won’t. Because the blame rests squarely on the media organizations (like NBC and all these others) that pimp out their content to marketers.

Problem is, the list is getting too long for even us to keep count.

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  1. Bill says:

    John: please, please, please…come back, all is forgiven…..we miss your posts, even though we often either don’t “get” them or disagree with them. The ones that “work” at this end more than make up for the ones that don’t.

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