Let the $9b Rumpus Begin! (Ad Early and Often Edition)

The air wars of Dustup 2016™ have gone from zero to :30 in no time flat. So the hardwatching staff is pleased to provide this handy clip ‘n’ save guide to the preliminary rounds, which range from the Presidential Donnybrook to the U.S. Senate Rumpus to the Blue Grass State GOP Gubernatorial Slap Fight.

(Omnibus tip o’ the pixel to Politico, the Washington Post, Bloomberg, NBC News, The Hill, New York Magazine, and etc.)

Start at the top with the Presidential Campaign.

Ted Cruz (R-Great White South) ran about $33,000 worth of TV spots Easter weekend on Fox News’s “Killing Jesus” and NBC’s “AD: The Bible Continues” in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

The ad, not surprisingly, is titled Blessing.



Fun fact to know and tell: “Ted Cruz’s first TV commercial features…a stock photo from Russia. Another clip from the same commercial is marketed on a stock footage site as being of a depressed man contemplating suicide.”

A Democrat, no doubt.

Meanwhile, the other announced GOP presidential wannabe, Rand Paul (R-I’m Not Ron), is getting whacked by a million-dollar ad blitz from an outfit called The Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America.

Representative sample:



BuzzFeed reports that the Paul campaign has sent a cease-and-desist notice to the stations running the ad. Don’t hold your breath.

Moving on to U.S. Senate races.

NARAL Pro-Choice America launched an ad in four swing states accusing GOP senators of holding up the sex-trafficking bill in Congress by attaching abortion regulations to it. Targets: Mark Kirk (Illinois), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire) and Richard Burr (North Carolina).

The four ads are here.

Meanwhile, from Politico’s Morning Score:

The NRDC and the Moms Clean Air Force are going after Sen. Rob Portman in a TV ad alleging he ‘led the charge in Congress last month to allow power plants to keep polluting our air.’ They are referring to a budget amendment Portman introduced in March that would have allowed states to opt out of federal clean air regulations. That amendment never made it to a vote, but the ad pulls no punches.

Of course it doesn’t. But this time, do hold your breath.



Leaves you breathless, no?

(P.S. Raise your hand if you think Moms Clean Air Force is a prototypical Astroturf group. Yeah, us too.)

And now, downshifting to the Kentucky Governor’s Race.

Matt Bevin (he just lost a Senate primary to Mitch McConnell) has launched the first ad in the GOP gubernatorial primary. It will air on broadcast TV in the Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati and Bowling Green and southeastern Kentucky markets, and statewide on cable and satellite networks.

The ad features his nine kids – some of them apparently foster kids – and his wife delivering character references.



Meanwhile, an outfit called Kentuckians for Growth, Opportunity and Prosperity says it’s preparing to buy between $450,000 and $475,000 of television advertising in support of Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, also running in the GOP gubernatorial primary.

Their first sally:



Of course, Comer also has his own TV spot:



Toss in Rand Paul’s running for two separate offices in 2016, and you’ve got Six Flags Over Kentucky for the next 15 months.

Special Bonus (Neville Chamberlain Division)

The American Legacy PAC (board of advisors includes Bill Kristol and Newt Gingrich) is running an ad that juxtaposes Nazi storm troopers marching with Barack Obama playing golf. It closes with Neville Chamberlain’s face morphing into Obama’s.




On the off chance you want more, check out this ABC News post.

At your own peril.

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