On Second Thought, To Ello with Them

UnknownFor several weeks now, the hardhoping staff has been yearning for a smile from Ello, the Mean Girl of Social Media.

But . . . nothing.

Then, this (via MediaPost):

Interest in Ello Craters

Well, that didn’t take long. The new social media hotness, Ello, is no longer new or hotness, and is now more a moderately aged “meh,” judging by the number of searches for “Ello” from Google Trends . . .

The Guardian notes that the volume of searches for Ello climbed from nothing before September 23, to reach its first peak on September 26, followed by a small dip before reaching an all-time peak on September 30 — but has now plunged back to just about where it was before September 23.

Were-we-nuts? graf:

Even at its peak interest, Ello received no more than a tenth the volume of searches for “Twitter,” which in turn lags far behind Facebook.

Anyway, we’re over it now.

Goodbye, Ello. We don’t care that we hardly knew ye.

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  1. Are they owned by Krispy Kreme?

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