Dead Blogging ‘A Disappearing Number’ at Central Square Theater

Well the Missus and I trundled over to Central Square yesterday to catch the Catalyst Collaborative production of A Disappearing Number and, say, it was . . . swellish.

From their website:

In 1913 a clerk in rural India, Ramanujan, sends a letter to the renowned Cambridge mathematician, G.H. Hardy, containing an extraordinary series of theorems. What ensues is a adn-secondary-imagelegendary, intellectually passionate, seven-year collaboration. Interwoven with the present-day story of Ruth, a British math professor, and her husband, an Indian-American businessman. Drama, comedy, Indian dance and music weave an immersive experience the New York Times called “mesmerizing”, a love-story that combines the clashes of culture, the sensuality of ideas, while illuminating the mystery of mathematics.

Unfortunately, we found the local production slightly less than mesmerizing – too long, too mathematical, and too . . . long. (Two hours, no intermission.)

That said, the performances by Harsh J. Gagoomal (as the physicist/narrator Aninda) and Christine Hamel (as the mathematician Ruth) are terrific, and the staging is ingenious and eye-catching throughout.

So, we say, catch it.

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3 Responses to Dead Blogging ‘A Disappearing Number’ at Central Square Theater

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    When you quit your day job, John, try a stint as a cultural event finder and critic.

    I look forward to these glimpses of fresh air in our cities and towns.

    Oh, and yes, Mrs. Outsider should be allowed to chime in, too on occasion.

  2. “Swellish” would make a great band name.

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