New MBTA Operator Jumps the (Fast) Track

It’s been nothing like a smooth ride for Keolis Commuter Services, which has just replaced the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co. as the operator of local public transit systems.

First there was the factory-installed Boston race rumpus, in which local black ministers tried to extort $105,000 from Keolis (tip o’ the pixel to the Boston Globe’s Adrian Walker) to “promote diversity in running the city’s commuter rail system.”

Keolis pretty much said, Yeah – promote this.

Regardless, Keolis tried to wipe the slate clean with this ad in Tuesday’s Globe under the headline “All Aboard Framingham! All Aboard Rockport! All Aboard Stoughton! Welcome Aboard Boston!”


Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.28.34 AM


Then came this story in Wednesday’s Globe:

Seafood truck crash mars Keolis’s 1st day at helm

It was not the debut Keolis Commuter Services officials had hoped for: Early Tuesday, a commercial truck hauling thousands of pounds of seafood crashed into a Westwood railroad overpass, starting a fire and shuttering both directions of morning service on the Franklin commuter rail line for two hours.

Yet MBTA General Manager Beverly A. Scott took an optimistic tone at a Tuesday morning press conference on Keolis’s first day running the commuter rail system.

“With the exception of the lobster truck,” Scott said, “everything has been going very, very smoothly.”

Uh-huh. Other than that, Ms. Scott, how was the play?

(Fun fact to know and tell: The Globe’s headline on the web failed to mention its advertising partner Keolis.)

Back to Keolis and its tagline Thinking Like a Passenger. The hardguessing staff believes passengers are thinking, Huh?

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