‘Scott Brown: Where Am I?’

The peripatetic Scott Brown (R-Elsewhere) got a little dazed and confused at a New Hampshire GOP fundraiser on Thursday.

From Politico (via MSNBC’s First Read):

Scott Brown: Where am I?


Scott Brown on Thursday night broke a cardinal rule of touring, whether it’s in politics or rock ‘n roll: Get the name of where you are right.

Speaking with reporters while in New Hampshire for a dinner at a local Republican group meeting, the former Massachusetts senator, who has been fueling speculation about a run for Senate in the Granite State, had a momentary lapse about which state he was in when asked about clarifying whether he will run.

The incriminating video (compliments of liberal PAC American Bridge):



Oh, yeah – Downtown Scotty’s ready to Live Free or Die Trying, don’t cha think?

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4 Responses to ‘Scott Brown: Where Am I?’

  1. No fan, but sounds like he just misspoke.

    However: will never forgive him for wearing red to a Bruins/Habs home game.

  2. Sounds like he misspoke and caught himself immediately. I must say, he was deft in then talking about Maine and Massachusetts in addition to New Hampshire. Sounds like a seasoned pro.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Seems fair enough, Mike. But Scott Brown’s gotta hope there’s a lot more fair-minded people like you in America than there actually are.


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