Hucksters On A Train: Windows Beam Ads To Brain

The-talking-window-YouTube-1Airports have facial-recognition systems built into digital advertising screens. Supermarkets have directional audio ads beamed to individual shoppers. And now commuter trains have windows that transmit ads directly into your head.

It’s a whole new kind of marketing skullduggery.

From MediaBistro’s PRNewser:

[N]ext time you plan to snooze while leaning up against a subway window, you may be in for a surprise: rather than the familiar buzzing sound, you might hear a message being transmitted directly into your skull via the vibrations. Should this occur, we assure you you aren’t hearing ghosts or being secretly recruited to be the next 007; you are simply experiencing a new form of advertising brought to you by BBDO.

The ads, which are completely inaudible until your head touches the glass, work by using a process called bone conduction.

That would be sound waves vibrating through your skull. Helpful YouTube video . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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