Walmart Gets Into Boston! (Globe)

The hardshopping staff knows one job Boston Mayor Tom Menino won’t be considering when he leaves office next year: Walmart greeter.

Hizzoner has been Lord Waldemort, blocking Walmart’s entry into Boston at every turn. So Walmart has apparently decided to end-run Mistah Mayah and go directly to Hub grocery shoppers by running this ad in yesterday’s Boston Sunday Globe:

Picture 16

Attention Walmart site-shoppers:

It might have been more effective to use a Boston Shop & Shop instead of the Worcester supermarket you cited.

But why get technical about it.

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1 Response to Walmart Gets Into Boston! (Globe)

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    Every few weeks, I get a coupon booklet from Stop&Shop, plus coupons available to all shoppers plus X-cents-off a gallon of gasoline. If I buy only those items at S&S that are reasonably priced and even on special (Market Basket does better on a multitude of other items) I think I do all right at S&S. Don’t even mention Shaw’s. (Now for my famous Peter Falk “Columbo” imitation): Oh, just one more thing; the Chinese Government had a sizable insert in the print edition of the Boston Sunday Globe (I don’t know if there was one in the Herald). They already underwrite Chinese propaganda on daytime-only WILD-AM 1090, which almost never sends out a listenable audio level as it does so. Apparently nobody from the People’s Republic ever checks on WILD-AM which right now is on the air for very nearly the maximum allowable number of hours in May, and a half-hour more in June.

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