Gay Republicans To Obama: Chuck Hagel

The wheels are starting to come off the Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense bandwagon.

From BuzzFeed:

enhanced-buzz-28140-1356549872-5Chuck Hagel’s Record On Guns, Abortion Raises More Questions

Few reasons for Democrats to support the would-be Pentagon chief.

WASHINGTON — Former Sen. Chuck Hagel’s conservative stands on gun rights and abortion are prompting a new wave of scrutiny on Democrats who are weighing their support for a potential Secretary of Defense already under fire for his words on Israel and on gay rights.

Hagel is reportedly a leading choice to replace Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, and would represent a strain of Republican “realism” that is generally skeptical of the use of American military force abroad, and specifically opposed to military conflict with Iran.

Unfortunately for Hagel, political “realism” has started to catch up to him.

Exhibit Latest: This full-page ad in Thursday’s New York Times from the Log Cabin Republicans.


Pass the jam, as they say. Chuck Hagel’s toast.


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2 Responses to Gay Republicans To Obama: Chuck Hagel

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    That’s two down before they were even announced!

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