More Fantasy Friends For Scott Brown?

It wasn’t kings and queens Scott Brown (R-Wonderland) was having imaginary conversations with this time, it was anonymous White House gremlins.  From BuzzFeed:

enhanced-buzz-22378-1356632521-8Scott Brown Breaks News Of Nonexistent Fiscal Cliff Offer

The senator’s scoop falls flat. “Not true,” an aide to Harry Reid responds

WASHINGTON — With a post to his Facebook page Thursday, Sen. Scott Brown sent Washington scurrying to determine whether the White House had presented an offer to Senate Republicans to avert the fiscal cliff.

Picture 1

As BuzzFeed notes, CNN and NBC subsequently reported much the same thing. But “the reports came as a surprise even to people who were closely involved in the ongoing negotiations to avert the looming austerity crisis. Indeed, across Washington, press secretaries, communications directors, and other political staffers wondered if they’d been kept out of the loop on a new offer, before rushing to shoot down the report.”

Check Brown’s Facebook page, though, and you find this post from around 4 pm, which seems to double-down on the original claim:

Picture 2

Fittingly for this Through-the-Looking-Glass exercise, the CNN link largely undercuts Brown’s claim. But why get technical about it?


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