Let The Wild Chuck Hagel Rumpus Begin!

According to the Daily Beast (and numerous other sources), Chuck Hagel is the next flashpoint in the endless Beltway soap opera.

1357330293898.cachedSources: Obama to Pick Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

After averting the fiscal cliff by reaching a deal with Republican leaders on New Year’s Eve, President Obama appears set to wade into a new fight with Congress next week by nominating former Nebraska GOP senator Chuck Hagel to be the next secretary of defense.

Key Democrats working closely on the nomination process tell The Daily Beast that the president is expected to announce the Hagel selection Monday or Tuesday. These sources also say Obama did not decide on Hagel until this week, after weighing Ash Carter, the current deputy secretary of defense, and Michèle Flournoy, a former No. 3 at the Pentagon, for the job.

Hagel has a lot of high-profile support, including the ad hoc Bipartisan Group, which very publicly sent this letter to Pres. Obama:


Then again, as the Daily Beast notes, there’s also significant opposition to Hagel:

While Hagel has a reservoir of support from elite journalists, foreign-policy intellectuals, and former government officials, he is not beloved by many other interest groups, including the pro-Israel lobbythe gay-equality lobby, and even Armenian-Americans.

Along those lines, the hardworking staff recently noted this full-page New York Times ad from the Log Cabin Republicans:



Truth to tell, this rumpus has barely begun.

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1 Response to Let The Wild Chuck Hagel Rumpus Begin!

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Think about how this fight is going to affect Harry Reid.

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