Brown/Warren Senate Race: We’re Number Ugliest! (II)

First, as the hardworking staff duly noted the other day, it was the Daily Beast and MSNBC’s First Read.

Now it’s BuzzFeed:

The Ugliest Campaign In America

A plan to keep it civil has backfired badly in Massachusetts. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren can’t keep their hands clean.

LOWELL, Mass. — The poison that runs through this state’s Senate race seemed to spill over into the traffic Tuesday night: Everyone was paralyzed, furious, and headed to the same place, the University of Massachusetts-Lowell’s Tsongas Center.

Hundreds of people, their ranks deepened by union activists, held blue signs along the road for Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren. A small band played for her, and Warren arrived in a blue SUV to enthusiastic cheers from her public.

But they had a problem: a smaller, but equally vocal group of Scott Brown diehards with enormous signs bearing the name of their candidate. Warren and Brown supporters tried to stand in front of each other with their signs. An older woman with one of the massive Brown signs snapped at a young man with a Warren sign who was trying to break up her visual. More than one Brown supporter did a taunting war whoop — mockery of Warren’s claimed Native American heritage — that some of the senator’s staffers were caught on tape doing a couple weeks ago.

A crew of young men circled a row of Warren supporters with their signs, yelling “Brown Town! Brown Town!” as police watched from the sidelines.

A man with a Warren sign elbowed through them, grumbling. “Fucking assholes.”

The debate itself was, if anything, even uglier.

Can we agree that the vaunted People’s Pledge has blown up in Brown’s and Warren’s faces, forcing them to do the dirty work that former House of Bush consigliere Karl Rove or former House of Obama gunsel Bill Burton would otherwise be doing?

And can we agree that we’ll never see its like again?

Not to mention, we might not even see it itself through Election Day.

Wake us on November 6th.


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9 Responses to Brown/Warren Senate Race: We’re Number Ugliest! (II)

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    I think you’re attacking a straw man. The idea of the pledge was to keep anonymous, outside money from swamping the race. If Brown and Warren are forced to do their own “dirtywork” then the pledge is working.

    • Agree with Bob. Prefer candidates taking ownership of the mud they sling.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      I’m not attacking anything, Bob. I just said it’s blown up in their faces and you won’t see that kind of deal repeated. Nothing more.

      • Bob Gardner says:

        How has it blown up in their faces? It seems to me that both campaigns have adapted without much of a problem. In fact, this agreement has given the professionals in each campaign a lot more control of their respective messages. I think campaign consultants in this campaign would gladly forego a few superflous ads in exchange for the chance to exercise they political skills undiluted.

      • Campaign Outsider says:

        Quoting “” :

        Ask Eric Fehrnstrom if he wants Brown saying “I approve this message that undercuts my nice-guy image.” Karl Rove already isn’t a nice guy. Wet work is his department.

        > > New comment on your post “Brown/Warren Senate Race: We’re Number > Ugliest! (II)” > Author : Bob Gardner (IP: , > > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :

  2. If CO can post people’s IP addresses, why can’t

  3. Bob Gardner says:

    My mistake, John. I didn’t realize that “blowing up in your face”, was actually the same thing as hypothetically asking Eric Fehrnstrom if he liked putting Scott Brown’s face on a negative ad. By the way, I’m thinking of taking in a good Merchant Ivory action flick this weekend. Any suggestions?

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