Brown/Warren Senate Race: We’re Number Ugliest!

It’s official: The U.S. Senate bakeoff between incumbent Scott Brown (R-She Clearly Isn’t) and Elizabeth Warren (D-I Am What I Am) is the nastiest race in the country right now.

Or maybe the ugliest. Via the Daily Beast:

[T]his year’s most expensive Senate race between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown has boiled down to whether or not one of the candidates looks minority enough. “Professor Warren claimed she was a Native American, a person of color,”Sen. Scott Brown charged in a recent debate. “And as you can see, she is not.” The charge led people to pore through Warren’s employment history, which then led Democrats to ask whether Brown thinks you can identify people’s ethnicity just by looking at them, which then led alleged Brown supporters to do a tomahawk chop mocking Warren, which then led to an apology demand from a Native American leader, which then led… you know, I’m just going to stop right there.

Scott Brown has been in the United States Senate for more than two years.  For just as long, Elizabeth Warren has been a well-known “consumer advocate.” Neither is an unknown entity to the people of Massachusetts. So what is this back and forth all about? And what do these charges and countercharges possibly mean about their capacity to govern?

This, then, is the Honey Boo Boo campaign—mindless. A race in which the Republican, Mr. Brown, has spent millions trying to prove that he’s a better Democrat than the Democrat running to replace him.

And spent millions, the hardworking staff might point out, undermining the barn jacket wearing, pickup truck driving, laundry folding nice guy image Brown so painstakingly assembled.

Goodbye to all that.

Hello, Smashmouth Scottie Brown.

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3 Responses to Brown/Warren Senate Race: We’re Number Ugliest!

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    The Warren-Brown race is ugly or nasty? Not by a long shot!

    Remember the People’s Agreement for no 3rd party advertising in the race. That’s like the, um, mostly un-nasty thing anywhere in politics today.

    Until Brown accuses Warren of sleeping with _______ and Warren accuses Brown of having relations with _______, this race won’t be anywhere close to a nasty or ugly race.

    P.S. For those with good eyes: the tomahawk chop video has a former Boston city councilor in it alongside his buddies on the Brown campaign. Recognize him? Hint: Citgo sign!

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