Style Bustin’ (WBZ Is The Latest Sucker Edition)

Style Boston, which dubs itself “Your Insider Lifestyle Connection” but is actually the call girl of local TV content, has found a new pimp – sorry, TV station.

The cable-access-quality infomercial (it auctions off its segments to marketing sponsors) started out on NECN, which wound up suing Style Boston for nonpayment, as the hardworking staff noted last year:

New England Cable News has slapped ex-Boston Common magazine honcho Terri Stanley and her TV show “styleboston” with a lawsuit, charging the lifestyle program owes NECN $73,000.

From there Stanley took her dog-and-pony-up show to WCVB, as we also noted:

Meanwhile, styleboston has shifted its shifty infomercial content (most of the segments are sponsored – read, “paid for” – by their subjects) to WCVB.

“Styleboston” spokeswoman Jan Saragoni said the show’s attorneys are reviewing the lawsuit. “We’re hopeful and confident that all issues will be resolved,” said Saragoni. “The show is doing terrifically well on Channel 5.”

(Yeah, tell that to the real journalists at ‘CVB, who are ripping that the station is pawning styleboston’s marketing material off as editorial content.)

The hardworking staff has chronicled (don’t even ask how the folks at “Chronicle” feel about the “show”) styleboston’s spotty history from the start.

Now, we’re just rooting for the end.

Sadly, the end has not come.

What has come is a new incarnation of Style Boston at WBZ.

Boston Herald report:

‘Styleboston’ changes channels, kicks off fourth season Saturday

“Styleboston,” a Hub-based television show devoted to lifestyle trends and celebrities in the fashion, arts and entertainment worlds, returns to the airwaves Saturday on WBZ-TV and myTV38 (WSBK-TV).

The show’s fourth season kicks off with interviews with Rob Thomas and Kyle Cook of hit band Matchbox 20, bestselling author Dennis Lehane, and New England Patriots [team stats] linebacker Jerod Mayo.

“Everything we cover and everyone we interview has style: the stories we choose, the questions we pose, the visuals we select and the way we present them,” said the show’s creator and executive producer Terri Stanley. “The move to CBS Boston’s WBZ-TV and myTV38 is part of our expansion plan for styleboston as we begin to launch in other cities. We look forward to being on such great stations.”

The idea that Style Boston is a “show” is an absolute fraud on the TV viewing public. As for its “seasons,” they’re known in the marketing business as advertising flights.

The ultimate insult?

Since the show’s launch, “styleboston” has received four New England Emmy nominations.

Shame on you, Boston news media, for letting Style Boston’s charade continue this long and this profitably.


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2 Responses to Style Bustin’ (WBZ Is The Latest Sucker Edition)

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    Why doesn’t the chamois Wow! guy get NE Emmy nominations?

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