Boston Globe Slowbituaries ( Stephen Bankuti Edition)

Hard on the heels of our last installment of this regular feature, the Sunday Boston Globe featured this obit:

Stephen Bankuti, 78; Sudbury soccer coach fought in Hungarian resistance

As a boy in Hungary, Stephen Bankuti defused land mines in farm fields near his home during World War II, and he left school to support his family when the Soviet Army sent his father to a prison camp in Siberia for two years.

In 1956, at age 23, he was part of the short-lived Hungarian resistance movement that rose up during the Soviet occupation . . .

Mr. Bankuti, a coach who was instrumental in bringing girls’ soccer to Sudbury, and who for years operated Steve’s Auto Body, a repair and towing business in town, died of Parkinson’s disease and leukemia May 19 in his home in Marlborough, where he had lived since the mid-1990s. He was 78.

May 19th? As in, seven weeks ago?

Don’t get us wrong: The hardworking staff isn’t being critical about this. We’re just curious about this.

Which is why we’re definitely calling the Globe obit editor later today.

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3 Responses to Boston Globe Slowbituaries ( Stephen Bankuti Edition)

  1. OK, this is strange. My high school soccer coach was Laszlo Nyitrai, who also fought in the Hungarian resistance in ’56, before escaping to the US. He was a great coach and much beloved as a gym teacher at South Brunswick HS in NJ.

    Through the Facebook came word today that he died last Friday.

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