More Loving Memories Of Joseph Anthony Welteroth, U.S. Navy

Turns out the sons (Joseph, Michael, Gregory and Jacob) of World War II Pacific theater seaman/poet Joseph Anthony Welteroth didn’t just run six-figures’ worth of full-page ads in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, as the hardworking staff previously reported.

They also ran full-page ads in the Miami Herald and Dallas News.

The ad – just to refresh, er, memories:

 That’s moving on any number of levels.

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2 Responses to More Loving Memories Of Joseph Anthony Welteroth, U.S. Navy

  1. Helen C. Cates says:

    I have been writing an account of my father’s service in the Pacific Theater during WWII with the First Cavalry Division. I was so touched by your father’s poem. It was a perfect frame for my father’s finest hour during the taking of Manila and the liberation of the Santo Tomas internment camp. He never spoke of this operation and I have been trying to reconstruct it through reading various accounts and books. Could I have your permission to reprint all or part of “A Sailor’s Prayer” in a small book I am writing for my brother and me?

    Sincerely, Helen C. Cates

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Dear Ms. Cates,

      I’m not one of Joseph Welteroth’s sons – I just saw the ad in the papers and decided to write about it. I’ve tried several times with no success to find a way to contact the family. I’ll try again, and if I find anything, I’ll pass it along to you. All best with your book.

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