Boston Globe Slowbituaries (Ed Corsetti Edition)

From Saturday’s Boston Globe:

Ed Corsetti, 87; reporter cut teeth covering Brink’s robbery in Boston

Ed Corsetti was relatively unseasoned when he was assigned to cover what would become one of the biggest stories of his newspaper career: the 1950 robbery in the North End of the Brink’s company.

“I was this cub reporter,” he said in an interview recorded by Belmont High School students last year. “I mean, I was about as low as you could get. I can say that the Brink’s robbery gave me a boost, to my career, because I learned an awful lot.”

During decades of working for the Hearst-owned newspapers that became today’s Boston Herald, Mr. Corsetti was known as “the inspector.” Colleagues said he had numerous connections, never gave up a source, and always managed to get the story.

“He was the king of news,” said Stanley Forman, who worked with Mr. Corsetti at the Boston Herald American for many years. “He just knew everybody.”

Mr. Corsetti, 87, who left the newspaper business after the Hearst Corp. sold the paper in 1982 and finished his working days as a tax examiner for the IRS, died of emphysema May 28 in his Medford home.

May 28th? Six weeks ago? What took the Globe so long?

The hardwondering staff has raised this issue before regarding the Globe’s slowbituary of Herald editor Joe Sciacca’s father, Joseph A. Sciacca Sr.

But it’s not just Heraldites who are subject to these delays. The hardworking staff had another, non-Herald example but – full disclosure – we lost it.

Regardless, we’ll be calling the Globe obit desk on Monday.

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3 Responses to Boston Globe Slowbituaries (Ed Corsetti Edition)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    The Globe should out-source the obituaries to Journatic?

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