Dead Blogging reThink Ink At The BPL

Well the Missus and I trundled down to the Boston Public Library to catch reThink Ink: 25 Years at Mixit Print Studio, and, boy, it was swell.

From the Mixit Print Studio website (the BPL site is inexplicably down):

“By printmaking, we often mean more than an individual artist creating a matrix and generating impressions. We mean the entire cooperative structure that surrounds and fosters the making of prints…in printmaking, where so many fruitful tensions exist, that between the individual and the group is especially important. Artists may require a kind of systole and distole of seclusion and collaboration throughout their lives. Cooperative studios like (Mixit Print Studio) allow us to be enriched by the discoveries of others, and to move forward, taking something of the past and turning it into something new, part of a process central not only to printmaking but to life itself.”

—K.E. Duffin, Variation and Community: the Workshop Portfolios,
Contemporary Impressions, 2000

Having an exhibition in the magnificent architecture of the McKim Mead and White designed Changing Exhibition Space at the Boston Public Library is a challenging and unprecedented opportunity in the history of printmaking in Boston. Rarely do artist printmakers get a chance to ignore shipping regulations and dimensional restrictions to fully exploit the possibilities of printmaking as a contemporary language spanning the full spectrum from hand-held miniatures to fully sculptural, multi-media installations. It is an acknowledgement of the ongoing support given to Boston area printmakers by the BPL, and to the continuing relationship between Mixit Print Studio and the BPL.

The exhibition is mounted in two areas of the library, both of them impressive. Check it out before July 30, when it leaves.


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