Dr. Evil Targets Mike Bloomberg

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed crackdown on big sugary drinks is going over like the metric system.

Exhibit A:

This full-page New York Times the American Beverage Association ran on Friday.

Exhibit B:

This full-page ad the Center for Consumer Freedom ran on Saturday.

The Center for Consumer Freedom, as the hardworking staff has previously noted, is a front group for the restaurant, fast-food, and soft-drink industries orchestrated by superflack Rick Berman, who was profiled by 60 Minutes as Dr. Evil and who runs at least 23 other front groups.

Then again, a Friday Times piece included this quote for the ages:

Another diner, Monica Dauphine, 44, who was sharing a 32-ounce Sprite, gave the mayor credit for his good intentions, but said: “You can’t force it. It’s like dictatorship. I’m sorry, but if you want to be obese, you want to be obese.”

Reality check: Saturday’s Wall Street Journal included this Sentiment Tracker about the Bloomberg ban:

Rick Berman, eat your (low-calorie) heart out.

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3 Responses to Dr. Evil Targets Mike Bloomberg

  1. The Star Trek Rick Berman?

  2. Maybe he’ll come home and run for mayor of Medford on an “I got the soda out of NY, and I can do the same here!” platform.

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