New York Times Goes Easy On “Dr. Evil”

Friday’s New York Times featured a front-page piece about corporate frontman Rick Berman, memorably profiled by CBS’s 60 Minutes as “Dr. Evil.”

From the Times massage:

While he once called himself a lobbyist . . . he now styles himself as an advocate — just like the people at the Humane Society and MADD.

Across two decades, Mr. Berman has founded the Center for Consumer Freedom and five other nonprofits with similarly innocuous names.


Try 23, according to

Maybe this from the Times piece explains the softball treatment:

(The New York Times and Berman and Company are among the co-defendants in a lawsuit brought by the Humane League of Philadelphia over an advertisement critical of the organization that ran in the paper and was paid for by the Center for Consumer Freedom.)

Or maybe not.

You be the judge.

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