Headscratcher o’ the Day (NYT/Elizabeth Warren Edition)

From Sunday’s New York Times piece about Landslide Lizzy Warren’s sweeping of (and sweeping Marisa DeFranco aside of) the Massachusetts Democratic Party convention on Saturday:

In recent days, Ms. Warren has taken more aggressive steps to try to counteract the fallout from the [Native American] ancestry issue and criticism of her campaign for failing to respond to the controversy more quickly and fully. Governor Patrick, one of the state’s most popular politicians, broke his pledge to stay neutral in the Democratic contest and endorsed her a few days ago.

She also began reaching out to individual reporters.

But not, apparently, to the Times reporter, Katharine Q. Seelye, who quoted only Warren’s speech to the convention and comments to “reporters.”

So why bring it up and not elaborate?

Your guess (as good as the hardworking staff’s) goes here.

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3 Responses to Headscratcher o’ the Day (NYT/Elizabeth Warren Edition)

  1. Well, perhaps she was displaying a bit of pique if she wasn’t among the reporters who were favored with one-on-ones.

    But a Times reporter would never let a personal snub affect their reporting, would they?

  2. Maybe she’s one of those NYT reporters who only print quotes from CIA operatives.

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