Is The People’s Pledge Actually Working?

The agreement between incumbent U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Not Native American) and his likely challenger Elizabeth Warren (D-Likely Not Native American) to curb independent political expenditures from their campaigns – a.k.a. the People’s Pledge – has met with skepticism across the political spectrum.

But . . .


Witness the new U.S. Chamber of Commerce ad campaign (via Politico’s Morning Score):

U.S. CHAMBER TO RUN ADS IN 17 HOUSE DISTRICTS, 4 SENATE RACES: The Chamber today will launch a multistate TV and grassroots communications blitz in 17 House districts and in four states with Senate races. “Our economy is still fragile, and it is vital that we have leaders in Congress who support free enterprise and the job-creating policies that will lead our recovery,” Thomas J. Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, says in a statement exclusive to Score. “We’re asking constituents to hold their members of Congress accountable for how they vote on the policies that harm economic growth.”

The targeted Senate races: “Hawaii (pro-Linda Lingle), Missouri (anti-Claire McCaskill), Ohio (anti-Sherrod Brown) and Florida (anti-Bill Nelson).”

Representative TV spot:


The same kind of spot would be perfect to promote Scott Brown (whose reelection would be a major coup for the GOP), except . . .

There’s that pesky People’s Pledge.

The jury’s out on the Brown-Warren pact. But they’re definitely ordering lunch.

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