They Like Me! The Mass. GOP Really Likes Me!

In the wake of the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s ludicrous call for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation into the Shot Heard ‘Round the . . . State by Sen. Scott Brown (R-It’s Not Girly to Shoot Underhand), the Massachusetts Republican Party friended the Boston media for their widespread catcalls (tip o’ the pixel to Jim Braude):


About MA Democrats’ ‘Pathetic,’ ‘Stupid,’ ‘Ridiculous’ and… ‘Stupiculous’ Stunt

Boston- In case you missed it, the laughable attempt by the Massachusetts Democratic Party yesterday to change the subject from the ongoing controversy engulfing Professor Warren’s flailing and desperate campaign was met with disbelief and outright derision by the Boston media. A sample of the coverage below:

NECN’s JIM BRAUDE: “Speaking of ethics, are the Democrats kidding? The Massachusetts Democratic Party files a complaint with the U.S.  Senate Select Committee on ethics charging that this shot was shot by a taxpayer-funded Senate staffer of Brown’s. Since they believe there was no governmental purpose for the filming, the shot of the shot was forbidden. As your child might say: OMG! And to compound the absurdity, apparently late last week, the state Dems made a point of saying that this nothing but net experience was not Brown’s first shot, but his fifth. Uh-oh – what next, that the senator double dribbled before the shot?”  (Video Here)

Liberal Boston Phoenix Columnist David Bernstein: “…some true foolishness from the Massachusetts Democratic Party.” (David Bernstein, ‘Meanwhile, Insanity In Massachusetts’ Talking Politics blog, 5/9/12)

More from David Bernstein: “… It’s Stupid AND Ridiculous” (Twitter,, Accessed 5/10/12)

WBZ’s Jon Keller: “It’s Stupiculous” (Twitter,, Accessed 5/10/12)

BU Professor, And WBUR Contributor John Carroll: “Memo To Mass. Democrats: This Is Just Stupid” (Twitter,, Accessed 5/10/12)

The Gateway Pundit:  “Oh brother. Mass Democrats want to block Senator Scott Brown from using footage of a half-court shot he sunk in front of a group of children. The liberals want it off the air. How pathetic.”


Of course, the Mass. GOP has engaged in its own buffoonery. Witness this overcaffeinated  video whacking Elizabeth Warren (D-High Cheek(bones)) for her Hollywood fundraising connection (much worse, of course, than Brown’s Wall Street fundraising connection):


Conclusion: There’s plenty of idiocy to go around in the Bray State these days.

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