Let Lord Stanley’s Wild Rumpus Begin! (Hot Goalie Edition)

For a Stanley Cup playoff team, there’s no greater blessing than a Hot Goalie, and the Washington Capitals have one in spades.

During the Caps’ series with the Boston Bruins, Braden Holtby was compared to the 1971 Ken Dryden, which he’s not. But he’s certifiably the 2012 Braden Holtby.

Exhibit Umpteen:

Last night’s Game 6 Caps victory over the New York Rangers (via the New York Times).

Washington’s Rookie Goalie Has All the Answers

WASHINGTON — Once again the rookie goalie Braden Holtby refused to lose when so much was on the line for the Washington Capitals.

With Washington’s 2-1 victoryWednesday night, Holtby has gone 29 consecutive starts — including 13 in the playoffs — without losing back-to-back games.

“It’s a big one,” Holtby said. “I think we earned it in a way that’s going to benefit us in the long run. We played a very solid team game. Very gutsy effort and we got rewarded tonight.”

Question: Will Holtby have all the answers in Saturday’s Game 7 at Madison Square Garden?

The hardwatching staff can’t wait to see.

P.S. Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist has been excellent throughout the series. Just not as excellent as Holtby.

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2 Responses to Let Lord Stanley’s Wild Rumpus Begin! (Hot Goalie Edition)

  1. If the worst happens, Holtby will have gotten Tortorella off the hook for (mis)managing the best team in hockey for the last month of the season.

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