The T Is Like Somebody’s Hobby

The Missus and I decided to trundle down to the South End Open Studios yesterday, so we went to the Green Line’s Brookline Village station about 1:30 to catch an inbound trolley.

And we waited.

And waited.

And waited until around 1:55 a trolley pulled into the station and . . . pulled out, not bothering to stop.

(Full disclosure: There was a Red Sox game yesterday afternoon – at 1:35.)

Five minutes later a single-car trolley – fully loaded – arrived, opened its doors, and announced, “Another trolley is coming right behind this one.”

(As my old man used to say, Yeah – so’s Christmas.)

Regardless, the Missus and I crammed into a back door and endured a – full disclosure – free, but crappy, ride to Copley.

Go to any other major city – New York, D.C., Paris, Munich – and the transit systems might have their problems, but at least they’re run by professionals.

Here, the MBTA=Massachusetts Bay Transportation Amateurs.

It’s an embarrassment, and a disgrace.

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6 Responses to The T Is Like Somebody’s Hobby

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    After 45 minutes, my family and I got passed not once, but twice by 57 buses with space a couple months ago on a Saturday down by your digs at BU. Letter to the GM — yes, a real letter with ink signature and a stamp and an envelope — eventually got answered and disclosed that bus driver was disciplined. Sometimes complaining to the T gets you somewhere, though not too far…

  2. arafatkazi says:


    a) You gotta master the bus system. It’s so much nicer, and since the hobo quotient is higher, there’s a general conviviality in the atmosphere that your eye-averting Malcolm Gladwell reading inbound Newtonians can’t provide.
    b) Count thy blessings. I’m in Sacramento and I have to cab it or convince someone to drive me. Oh god how I miss Boston!!!!!

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      You’re right, Arafat – the 66 bus is a much more interesting ride than the D Line. I’ll talk to the Missus about it.

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