Let The $4 Billion . . . Or $6 Billion . . . Or $9.8 Billion Rumpus Begin (MISTIA Edition)

How do you run against a president who’s personally popular, even if his policies aren’t?

MISTIA – More in Sorrow Than in Anger.

From the Weekend Wall Street Journal:

Anti-Obama Ads Take Elegiac Tone

Conservatives, Wary of President’s Popularity, Try Spots Rife With Disappointment, Lost Promise

A young man recounts how inspired he was by Barack Obama’s “promise to change Washington’s corrupt culture.” A woman recalls how she voted for Mr. Obama “because he spoke so beautifully.”

Fans of the president? Hardly.

Both people star in television spots attacking Mr. Obama, and both help answer a question that has vexed conservatives for months: how to go after a president whose personal popularity remains unusually resilient, even amid lukewarm ratings of his job performance.

The answer: Acknowledge the potency of Mr. Obama’s 2008 appeal. Then steep the ads in disappointment and lost promise.

They’re called “soft attack ads.”

Representative sample #1:

The hardworking staff’s favorite frame:

Representative sample #2:

The hardworking staff’s favorite frame:

We especially like the time-lapse photographs of Obama going dimmer.

That’s all in keeping with Mitt Romney’s Obama’s a Nice Guy But theme, which is intended to make Romney seem like a nice guy,

But . . .

He’s not.

And we say that more in sorrow than in anger.

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3 Responses to Let The $4 Billion . . . Or $6 Billion . . . Or $9.8 Billion Rumpus Begin (MISTIA Edition)

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    George Will was a panelist on ABC-TV’s “This Week Without George Stephanopoulos” this morning, and he must not be aware of something called the internet because he said something that could be proven untrue almost immediately. He claimed that General/President Eisenhower would NEVER stoop to using the decisions he made during WWII while running for office. This is only one example that proves Will wrong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB6zprH3-Lk

  2. They don’t drink coffee? Really?

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