Jake Tapper And David Axelrod Are Full Of It

On ABC’s This Week yesterday, Jake Tapper asked Barack Obama’s consigliere David Axelrod if voters are less enthusiastic about Obama this time around.

Via Mediaite (with video):

Tapper brought up a recent event Obama held where the 18,000 seat arena was not filled to capacity and over 4,000 seats were vacant. He asked Axelrod if this was a sign that “fewer people are excited for the president” in this election cycle. Axelrod said that at other campaign stops, they still have events that end up going over capacity. He also claimed that 14,000 people was the kind of crowd Romney could only wish he had at his campaign events.

Axelrod posited that Romney’s negative attack strategy in the race so far is what’s kept him from getting the kind of enthusiasm behind him that Obama does.

Failing grades all around here.

Demerits to Tapper for picking the wrong event to highlight: Drawing 14,000 people doesn’t exactly scream “enthusiasm gap.”

And thumbs down for Axelrod’s dodging the question (which is a legitimate one – and a serious problem for Obama) by diverting the issue to Romney (who also has an enthusiasm gap, but that’s no answer to the question).

Welcome to politics as usual, 2012 style.

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