Let The $4 Billion . . . Or $6 Billion . . . Or $9.8 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Ads ‘n’ Ends Edition)

More grist for the campaign mill:

• The pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action has teamed up with the goo-goo League of Conservation Voters to launch a $1 million ad campaign “aimed at calling out ‘Governor Romney’s pledge to protect Big Oil’s profits and billions in special tax breaks, at the expense of middle class Americans'” according to the two groups and ABC’s The Note.

The spot:


The transcript:

He’s the two hundred million dollar man, and Big Oil’s fingerprints are all over him.

Big Oil has pledged $200 million to help Mitt Romney, and Romney’s pledged to protect their profits and billions in special tax breaks.

So when you fill up your tank, remember who’s in the tank for Big Oil:

Mitt Romney: The $200 Million Man.

(Priorities USA Action and LCV Victory Fund are responsible for the content of this advertising)

Consider that as Exhibit A in a campaign to 1) inoculate Barack Obama against charges that he’s responsible for the high cost of gasoline; and 2) gas-and-feather Mitt Romney all the way to Election Day.

Should be a gas.

• Via Politico’s Morning Score:

EXCLUSIVE – CROSSROADS GPS SPENDING $1.2 MILLION IN 5 STATES: The pro-Republican outside group, a non-profit affiliate of the American Crossroads Super PAC, will go on the air today against Democratic Senate candidates in Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Virginia. They will spend $1.2 million between now and May 4 with these forceful issue ads that highlight each candidate’s Achilles Heel.

Representative sample (targeting former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine in the Virginia Senate race):


Bottom (ad) line: “We work hard and save. Obama and Kaine tax and spend.”

Should be very taxing.

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