Elizabeth Warren & Bob McDonnell Are An Item

Once around the (voting) bloc, James, and don’t spare the horses.

Item: Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Kidding (Ever)

New spot from presumptive (but not taking anything for granted) Democratic Senate nominee Elizabeth Warren (D-Pledge Edge?).


I grew up in a family hanging on by our fingertips to a place in the middle class. But back then, America invested in kids like me. We had a lot of opportunities. Today,Washington lets big corporations like GE pay nothing — zero — in taxes while kids are left drowning in debt to get an education. This isn’t about economics — it’s about our values. I’m Elizabeth Warren, and I approve this message because Washington has to get its priorities straight.

Not to be mean, but there’s something very, well, Joad-family about Ms. Warren, right down to the Oklahoma connection. It may serve her well with the goo-goo crowd, but the hardworking staff is imagining her first debate with Sen. Scott Brown (R-Wanna Ride in My Pickup?) and thinking the optics, as they say, are not so good for Warren.

Item: Transvaginal Bob Goes TransVirginial with Ad

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Hey, Mitt – Pick Me!) has taken some time off from sono-stalking the women of Virginia to cut a TV spot bragging about how good life is in Old Dominion.

Isn’t this getting a little close to Cahillville, you might be wondering?

You’re not alone (via ABC News):

A group supporting Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has  made an ad buy for the term-limited governor, who cannot run for re-election but is often cited as a potential vice presidential pick.

Opportunity Virginia PAC, a political action committee set up to support the governor, announced a new television ad. The group has been mute on the details of the buy, but a source tells ABC News it cost roughly $376,000 . . .

McDonnell is often cited as a potential vice presidential pick. He’s been on the Romney train since early in the primary season, endorsing the presumptive GOP nominee in January, and campaigning for him ahead of the South Carolina primary.

And now, appraently, McDonnell is campaigning for himself.

Item: Super PAC Super Smacks Obama

The American Future Fund is dumping $2 million into an “Obama hit,” according to Politico’s Morning Score:

“The American Future Fund is poised to launch a multi-state television offensive against President Barack Obama, targeting him across the 2012 general-election landscape with the conservative group’s second TV blitz of the year,” Alex Burns reports. “A strategist familiar with the organization’s plans said AFF will go on the air starting Wednesday in eight states at a cost of approximately $2 million.”

The states include the usual swingspects – Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and etc. The line of attack? Asking “How exactly does Pres. Obama spend your tax dollars?” – as if it’s all just walking around money he carries on him.  The answer, not surprisingly, includes the Solyndra green-energy giveaway and the current GSA Las Vegas rumpus.

Tough ad.

UPDATE: But not all that accurate if you believe factcheck.org.

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