Barack Obama: Yente-in-Chief

From Julianna Smoot at Obama for America:

Obama - Biden
Friend —

Let’s not beat around the bush here.

George Clooney.

President Obama.

You, plus your mom, best friend, spouse, kid… whoever you want to bring along as your guest.

At George Clooney’s house on May 10th:


Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. — Note that airfare and accommodations are covered, and the deadline is coming up — on Monday. So enter now.

The hardclicking staff went to the link (’cause we’re all about you) and here’s what we found (in addition to a donation form):

Any donation you make today automatically enters you for a chance to be George Clooney’s guest at a reception for President Obama.

George Clooney is doing his part to help re-elect the President, but he knows that it’s grassroots supporters like you who will decide this election.

Support the campaign with a donation, and throw your name in the hat today.

Name in the hat, hat in the ring, hat date with George Clooney – who says Washington is Hollywood for ugly people?

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3 Responses to Barack Obama: Yente-in-Chief

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Is the entertainment for the night include a wild rant by George?

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