So Is This The “Twitter Election” Or Not?

From our We Don’t Have a Clue desk:

Lots of conflicting stories about social media’s influence on the 2012 presidential bakeoff.

Consider these headlines collected by the hardworking staff in just in the past week.

From Time’s Swampland blog:

Campaign 2012, Where Old Media Is New Again

From Silicon Valley’s Chris O’Brien:

Social media in 2012 elections will make 2008 look like digital dark ages

From Advertising Age:

Waiting for the ‘Twitter Election?’ Keep Waiting

From techPresident:

How Social Media Is Keeping the GOP Primary Going

From the Wall Street Journal:

When Will Social Media Elect a President?

Answer from the Pew Research Center: Not soon.

Cable Leads the Pack as Campaign News Source

Twitter, Facebook Play Very Modest Roles

Money graph:

Conclusion: Social media’s 2012 election news media profile is way out of proportion to its actual presence.

Discuss among yourselves.

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