Memo to Cartier: The Leopard Doesn’t Change Its (TV) Spots

The hardworking staff has already noted the new Cartier commercial that clocks in at epic 3:31, making it the Nicholas Nickleby of TV spots.

Epic in the making as well, according to this press release at (tip o’ the pixel to  Zap2It ):

The House of Cartier showcased its standout creativity and innovation with the international online release of “L’Odyssee de Cartier” – a three-and-one-half minute film that chronicles Cartier’s 165 years of rich history, offering viewers a tour of the one-of-a-kind jeweler’s cultural influences that include France, Russia, China and India. Making its U.S. television debut on Sunday, March 4, “L’Odyssee de Cartier” – directed by one of the world’s leading advertising directors, Bruno Aveillan – will air in its entirety during prime time on national TV networks.

The film tells the story of the jeweler’s unique history, from its beginnings as a jeweler to European royalty to its modern-day worldwide luxury status. It reveals a glimpse into an imaginary world inhabited by Cartier’sdesigns, under the watchful gaze of its familiar muse, “La Panthere” (The Panther).

Wait a second. Can we rewind to the commercial?

That’s not a panther. This . . .

. . . is a panther.

This . . .

. . . is a leopard.

Not to get technical about it.

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8 Responses to Memo to Cartier: The Leopard Doesn’t Change Its (TV) Spots

  1. Is this an Apple commercial?

  2. Pier says:

    In French leopard is “La Panthere”. Le léopard (In Biology Panthera pardus) or panthère are the exact spelling of the “LEOPARD” In French. I suggest you to research a little bit more, before you critic. Cheers.

  3. Ralph Feldman says:

    Gorgeous, visually spectacular. More art than commerce, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Who wrote the music?

  4. James Voikos says:

    ‘Technically a cougar is a panther, ranging from Canada to South America. Its in the color of the fur, and the larger size. Across continents its virtually the same.

    I think its a brilliant small movie. The production is genius compared to the guano fed to us on most TV. With hope others will be inspired with this artful production. Compare with, “Golden Coral, Dennys, any financial service, {excepting the talking baby – which sucks me in}. Throw in all the major food adverts.

    There once was talk of running all the ads to the beginning and end of the programming. I think it was tested and the level of viewership was surprising. I think this work really is a masterful ‘infomercial.

  5. Zoologist says:

    A common misconception. Many associate the name Panther solely with cougars (esp. the Florida Panther) and melanistic jaguars/leopards, while the term actually refers to ALL members of the Panthera genus. Although black, these melanistic leopards and jaguars still have visible spots.
    Also Pier is right, and being that Cartier is a French company and “La Panthere” is also one of their collections, they are completely correct in using the term, in all senses.

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