Sony Is The Resident Evil In Movie Trailer

From the Sneak ADtack! Product Placement Patrol

Jon Bershad of Mediaite is in high dudgeon over a new Resident Evil trailer that takes product placement to new lows.

Worst Product Placement Ever?: The New Resident Evil Trailer Is Basically Just A Sony Ad

In the age of the DVR and the ability to skip any commercial we want, corporations have been quick to go full force into something that’s been brewing for a while; product integration. We see it absolutely everywhere. And, as much as I hate it, I respect that this is just the world we now live in. However, this morning I saw some product placement so blatant, so repulsive, it left me screaming at my computer. Then I realized that I worked for a website and I can turn my screaming into words and post it somewhere.

Anyway, the thing that made me so upset was the new trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil movie. A trailer which literally begins with a 30 second commercial for Sony products.

The offending trailer:



Bershad passes judgment in this way:

 I don’t think there’s ever been anything this blatant and, if we didn’t at least try to register our disgust at the corporations consuming every aspect of our lives now, then we really don’t have any right to complain about it in the future. Of course, in the future, a post like this would get me shot by the Sony police or something so whatever.

Two things:

First, this does seem less like product integration (which it technically is) than a Sony TV spot grafted onto a trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution. Sort of a Minotaur ad (Minotad?).

Second, if you want to see that Sony police future fleshed out, read George Saunders’ short story My Flamboyant Grandson. Fabulous stuff.

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4 Responses to Sony Is The Resident Evil In Movie Trailer

  1. I find this so offensive I’m going to have a drink. I prefer Jamesons; it’s Smooth, Smoky, Flavor is like the Wind in Spring in Ireland – Cool, Dark, and with all the Mystery and Spirit of the Ancient Celtic World.

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    Is the most blatant necessarily the worst? Maybe a subtle, insidious product placement is something we should dread more.

    • Maybe. All I know is, I had an awesome night last night. Met this incredibly hot woman, we had a few Jamesons, and ended up at a hotel. Absolutely amazing. She was coming off a bad divorce, and just wanted to have fun, if you know what I mean. Really, really hot. She had an amazing body — and how cool was it that we liked the same drink? AND she paid for the hotel.

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