Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Ad Spending Tally Edition)

MSNBC’s First Read has helpfully provided an update on TV advertising expenditures so far in the 2012 presidential election (although it’s awfully secretive about the source of its numbers):

Among the GOP presidential candidates:
— Perry $2.8 million (including the campaign’s national FOX buy)
— Paul $2.1 million
— Romney $134,000
— Cain $78,900

Among the Super PACs:
— Our Destiny PAC (pro-Huntsman Super PAC): $1.4 million
— Make Us Great Again (pro-Perry PAC): $775,000

And among the national political parties:
— DNC $6.8 million

Conspicuously absent from that breakdown is adpenditures by Karl Rove’s PuppetPACs American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, which the hardworking staff estimates have spent roughly $20 million whacking Barack Obama and a variety of Democratic lawmakers.

Just priming the pump, folks. Just priming the pump.

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